ORTHOHIKES® Warmwalk Pro - Ergonomic pain relief shoe

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Are Foot Pains Affecting Your Life? - Here's the Solution

Millions of people in Australia suffer from foot pain! Problems like plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, arthritis, or heel spurs can be painful and restrictive. Finding comfortable, supportive, and fashionable shoes is often a challenge.

Many affected individuals are familiar with disappointments and daily limitations.

Our solution: ORTHOHIKES® Warmwalk Pro - orthopedic, ergonomic, and pain-relieving shoes that seamlessly blend functionality and fashion to offer mobility, comfort, and pain relief simultaneously.

ORTHOHIKES® Warmwalk Pro

Helps Alleviate Foot and Heel Discomfort. Especially Suitable for Sensitive Feet and Those with Mobility Issues.

  • Breathable Upper Material: Our shoes are designed with a breathable fabric that allows for air circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry, even on the most demanding trails.

  • Soft Insole & Ergonomic Fits: The soft insole cradles your feet, providing gentle cushioning, while the ergonomic fit supports the natural curvature of your foot, minimizing discomfort and fatigue.

  • Anti-Collision Toe: The sturdy anti-collision toe cap offers protection from unexpected obstacles, making these shoes ideal for hiking, trekking, or any outdoor activity that requires extra toe safety.

  • Non-Slip Sole: Tackle slippery slopes with confidence thanks to the non-slip sole, which offers superior traction and grip on a variety of surfaces for steady and safe footing.

  • Rubber Sole & Grip Design: The durable rubber sole with its intricate grip design allows for exceptional stability and adherence, reducing the risk of slips and falls on uneven ground.

  • Wear-Resistant: Constructed with materials that resist wear and tear, these shoes are a dependable choice for any outdoor enthusiast looking for long-lasting footwear.

  • Robust & Comfort: Combining a robust build with a focus on comfort, these shoes provide a stable foundation for all-day wear, whether you’re navigating city streets or country paths.

Where Quality and Durability Meet Design

Comfort and support should never be sacrificed for style and design.

That's why we've focused on creating the perfect balance between functionality and fashion in developing the ORTHOHIKES® Warmwalk Pro. We take pride in offering orthopedic and pain-relieving shoes that are not only comfortable and functional but also aesthetically appealing.

Our shoes are made from breathable and high-quality materials for maximum durability and longevity. With Warmwalk Pro, comfort and freedom for your feet are guaranteed.

A Hub of Expertise Under One Roof

As an emerging provider of orthopedic shoes, we take immense pride in offering a unique fusion of experience, expertise, and craftsmanship.

We collaborate closely with orthopedists, podiatrists, and shoe technicians to ensure that each shoe is perfectly tailored to your specific needs. As our customer, you can rely on our unwavering dedication to enhance your foot health and make your life more comfortable.


With over 50,000 satisfied customers, we have proven the effectiveness and quality of our products. So we can confidently promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any concerns, simply contact our competent customer service.

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About OrthoHikes®

At OrthoHikes®, we are dedicated to merging function with fashion in orthopedic and barefoot footwear. With a passion for comfort and a commitment to quality, our curated collection supports every step with advanced ergonomic design. From city streets to nature trails, our shoes are crafted to promote natural movement and well-being. Explore our world of footwear where health meets style.